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Gem-Infused Singing Bowls

Gem-Infused Singing Bowls

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Gem-Infused Singing Bowls All Entries

Gem-Infused Singing Bowls

What a beautiful addition to your meditation space or living room!

 CREATION: Crystal singing bowls are made from 99.992 percent pure quartz crystal that is crushed and molded. The bowls emit a powerful, pure resonance. The thickness of the bowl, as well as the height and diameter, determine the specific vibrational frequency of the bowl.  Crystal Singing bowls first came to market as healing tools in 1980s. Tibetan metal bowls which, work in a similar way, have been in use for centuries.  

The use of sound healing therapy is not just a new age phenomenon, but extends back thousands of years into the ancient times where many kinds of special instruments were used to remedy illnesses and revive the spirit. How it works: the sound vibration from these instruments helps to move you from what are known as “beta brain patterns”, or those with concentration, anxiety, and fight or flight reflexes to brain waves that are associated with relaxation {alpha}, meditation {theta}, and trance like states {delta}.  Crystal singing bowls spanning back to the 12th. century, singing bowls were used all throughout Asia and were commonly found in Tibetan monasteries and temples for meditation practices. 

 HOW TO USE: LIGHTLY tap the bowl just to get the vibration going. As you firmly press the accompanying mallet in a circular motion against the bowls outside edge or rim. When you hear a bright clear tone, you can slow down the motion. Use your full arm to make the motion, rather than just rotating your wrist. You will start to feel the relaxation set in and your mind going into the zone. This will help with meditation, relaxation and focus.
Suede wand and rubber ring holder included.