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7 Chakra's Guide

7 Chakra's Guide

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7 Chakra's Guide All Entries

7 Chakra's Guide

The universe itself is made up of various singing wheels of energy, similar to us, who at the inner core, spin in seven wheel-like energy centers called Chakra's. They are measurable patterns of electromagnetic activity, reflecting aspects of consciousness. All objects and living things output vibrations, those unique yet can share similarities between each other. Many believe that the person you are destined to be with, whether platonic or romantic, has a similar vibrational pattern to yours. The idea of chakra's has origins in Hinduism, connecting with their traditions, focusing on the main points/energy centers of the body. 

The root chakra, also the lowest on the body, gives us a sense of grounding throughout life. This chakra, when blocked, may cause you to feel threatened or trigger your flight or fight mechanism, leaving you on edge and causing instability. Meditation and essential oils can assist with clearing any blockages in this location. Associated with the color red and Earth elements.  
A chakra of emotional wellbeing, the Sacral energy wheel controls sympathy, empathy, and your emotional thought process in your brain. Any blockages may cause you to feel a lack of control over your body and mind. Associated with the color orange and Water elements. 
This chakra is unique and very useful to clear as it controls your confidence, ego, insecurities, etc. Many with blockages in this area may experience feelings of shame or self doubt, making it a must have on your list of clearing, and is many people's first choice to achieve. Associated with the color yellow and the elements of Fire. 
The heart chakra comes with wisdom, opening your horizons up to honest love, both receiving and giving. Blockages in this area of the body can be detrimental as it effects your ability to open up, break down walls, and allow yourself to be loved. If you tend to push people away it may be a sign of a blocked Heart chakra. Associated with the color green and Air elements. 
Among all important chakra's to open, this one is one at the top of people's lists, controlling communication, personal power, self expression, strength, etc. If your throat chakra is blocked you may experience a combination of the feelings with the Solar Plexus and Heart, causing you to struggle to communicate your feelings effectively, or become shy during times when you want to speak up. Associated with the color light blue, and any element of sound or music. 
The third-eye is one of the most well known chakra's in todays culture. It pulls you into a connection with the divine, encouraging intuition in your body. You may have often heard the phrase of "opening your third eye" or your "sixth sense". The third-eye chakra is associated with these phrases, as well as the color purple and light. 
A chakra of higher consciousness, this one is said to be the hardest to unlock. Very few have achieved this level of omnipotence.  Associated with the color white and divine knowledge/intuition. 

Like our bodies, stones radiate energy and vibrations as well. We can use this to our advantage to help with unlocking and unblocking our chakra's, as well as general help with certain aspects of our life, such as luck or positivity. The color of stones is an unreliable way of relating stones to a certain chakra, as each stone has different healing properties that are unrelated to the color and more in relation to the vibrations that the stone gives off. For example, the root chakra is associated with the color red but also the stones Smoky Quartz, Obsidian, and Black Tourmaline which are black/brown in color. You can always look up a stones association if you are unsure, or buy a 7 chakra based item to assist with everything. 

Music is very powerful, given off very obvious vibrations that we can recognize and feel in our conscious minds, instead of our subconscious, making it very unique. Music is a great way to balance these chakras. The lower the vibration, the lower the chakra. The Hz are associated with each one, as well as the musical notes themselves. 

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