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Meteorites At Rare Earth Gallery

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Meteorites At Rare Earth Gallery


Meteorites are solid pieces of debris that originate from outer space and survive passing through the atmosphere of a planet or moon in order to reach the surface. Traditionally, meteorites are divided into three major categories or types: stony (containing rock-forming silicate minerals), iron (containing nearly solid nickel-iron metal), and stony-iron (around 50% rock and 50% iron-nickel). Energetically, meteorites are said to stimulate the earth star, root, solar plexus, third eye, crown, and soul star chakras, as well as to balance and align the energetic fields of the body. Meteorites have a healing effect on the physical body; they can increase one's overall strength and stamina, and strengthen the blood and circulatory system as well. Said to increase self-confidence and motivation, these celestial crystals are wonderful tools for stimulating inner vision and spiritual awakening, as well as helping one attune to interdimensional and extraterrestrial communication. Meteorites are a beautiful gift from the heavens - able to both expand human consciousness and to provide a tangible connection to the mysterious energies of other worlds.

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