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Chrysanthemum Stone | Stone Information, Healing Properties, Uses

Chrysanthemum Stone | Stone Information, Healing Properties, Uses

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Chrysanthemum Stone | Stone Information, Healing Properties, Uses All Entries

Chrysanthemum Stone | Stone Information, Healing Properties, Uses

Chrysanthemum stone is a unique and distinctive rock that is named for the flower-like patterns that are visible on its surface. It is a type of limestone that is primarily composed of calcite, and it is found in various locations around the world.

Chrysanthemum stone is believed to have formed during the Permian period, which occurred approximately 298 to 252 million years ago. It is thought to have been created through a combination of sedimentation and hydrothermal activity, with calcite crystals growing in a limestone matrix.

In terms of stone information, chrysanthemum stone is typically black or dark gray in color, with white or grayish-white flower-like patterns on its surface. It has a hardness of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale, which makes it relatively soft and prone to scratching. It has a vitreous to sub-vitreous luster, and a specific gravity of 2.71 to 2.87.

In terms of healing properties and capabilities, chrysanthemum stone is said to have a number of benefits. It is believed to promote calm and relaxation, and to help individuals connect with their inner selves and higher spiritual realms. It is also said to enhance creativity and stimulate the imagination, making it a popular choice for artists and writers.

Chrysanthemum stone is also believed to have a number of physical healing properties. It is said to aid in the healing of the eyes and ears, and to support healthy skin and hair. It is also thought to help with respiratory issues and allergies, and to promote healthy digestion.

Overall, chrysanthemum stone is a unique and beautiful rock with a number of potential healing properties and capabilities. Whether you are drawn to its flower-like patterns or its spiritual energy, it is a stone that is definitely worth exploring further.

Chrysanthemum stone was formed approximately 270 million years ago at the bottom of ancient oceans. High temperatures and intense pressure caused compression of rich organic layers of mud. As minerals such as calcium carbonate (calcite) and strontium sulphate (celestite) were slowly deposited and built up in the layers of mud, the extreme pressures at that depth of the ocean forced the crystals to grow outward in flat radial formations, and this is what creates the beautiful flowerlike appearance of the stone.

 Energetically, chrysanthemum stone can be used to awaken dormant abilities, passions, and talents. It is a stone that magnetically attracts good luck and opens the way for new opportunities in life, especially when one is following their souls highest purpose. For those who feel stuck, lost, or are unsure of their soul's purpose or direction in life, chrysanthemum stone makes a powerful tool and ally to draw inspiration and synchronistic opportunities, helping to find and follow the path of their soul's greatest glory, and assisting and uplifting them to truly blossom and manifest their dreams.

"When we embark on the road of our soul's longing, the very act of turning in that direction and moving forward can give the universe the cue it needs to help us." 
 -Robert Simmons