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Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry shapes, symbols and their meanings

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Introduction to Sacred Geometry All Entries

Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry shapes and symbols

In this blog I’ll be talking about sacred geometry and each shape and symbols meaning and uses. This will be the first of many as there are more than 600 symbols in advanced sacred geometry. So, to start off with here are the 11 more common sacred geometry symbols and what they mean. Sacred Geometry is built following precise dimensions and proportions that flow in the graphical expression of fundamentals symbolisms. The sphere, the cube, the tetrahedron and the other "perfect figures" have always been subject of studies and today they are still the base of the symbolism that belongs in many philosophies, religious beliefs, sciences and meditative disciplines. All the matter of our Universe interacts with itself by following determinate patterns and rules, viewable and inscribed in these representations that assume meanings symbolize more complex, important and deep concepts. The graphic design is read as moving frequency, like a continuous dance that presents, in its essence an inseparable relationship made of Sound – Color - Number: this relationship translates into Music and Harmony.

 Sacred Geometry is the “Graphical Display” which lets you express and share between different cultures, traditions & ways to communicate the same Aesthetic, Metaphysical, Mathematical and Beauty values that each of us interprets and lives in his own way. In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos. These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational resonances. They are also symbolic of the underlying metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. It is this principle of oneness underlying all geometry that permeates the architecture of all form in its myriad diversity. This principle of interconnectedness, inseparability and union provides us with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.

 Sacred Geometry is often referred to as the “architecture of the universe”, it is found throughout the natural world. It is all around us and is one of the very few subjects that satisfy both the left brain and right brain hemispheres simultaneously. It satisfies the left brains desire for logical, sequential and objective data. It also satisfies the right brains desire for random, intuitive and subjective data. It is simply not possible to cover all aspects of sacred geometry, although I will try to include as much as possible in this article. People have spent entire lifetimes studying a single aspect of sacred geometry; such as a rabbi studying the kabbalistic tree of life. The following content provides an overview on a few Sacred Geometry symbols.


Vesica Piscis: balance & creation

Vesica Piscis is a mathematical shape formed by intersecting two identical circles so that the center of each circle intersects the perimeter of the other. The Vesica Piscis is commonly used for Venn Diagrams, in various art and in seals organizations. Various other symbols can be derived from the Vesica Piscis including the Ichthys, also known as the “Jesus Fish”, the triquetra symbol, and the Reuleaux triangle. It has also been a symbol used by Freemasons for many years. Historically, the Vesica Piscis has been used as a system of proportions for architecture, illustrated in the works of Vitruvius. Each of the cultures that used or use the Vesica Piscis as a symbol attribute a particular meaning, all of which are true – as they all mean the same thing once you dig under the roots:

  • The union of heaven and earth in the body of Christ (Christian)
  • The root element of the Flower of Life (Judaism)
  • The ‘Cosmic Mother,’ Goddess Maat (Egypt)
  • Merging of God and Goddess (Celts/Norse)

What follows is an explanation of how each of the four meanings above has the same meaning: balance and creation. Furthermore, creation relates to consciousness. Science shows us that nature has to find balance in order for creation to flourish. We see this in the sub-atomic particles of an atom. Male protons (positive charge) bind with female electrons (negative charge) to try and find equilibrium. When positive and negative charges of an atom find a balance, a perfect creation is formed. When they cannot find equilibrium, the female electron will look for another proton. If the atom cannot find equilibrium, the neutron kicks in and it neutralizes, but only if there is more or less of a balance of electrons and protons. If there are more of one than the other, an imperfect creation will form. The Vesica Piscis is the shape in the center of two interlocking circles. Let’s say one of the circles is the male energy and the other is the female energy. The centerpiece is a perfect creation. But only when the circles are symmetrical & balanced.


The Seed of life:

The Seed of Life is a universal symbol that also represents the seven days of creation. It is found in all of the major religions and can be seen in many sites around the world, such as churches, mosques, prayer books and ancient temples. The Seed of Life is a two-dimensional illustration that consists of seven circles of the same size, which overlap. There are six circles on the outside, which interconnect with the seventh circle in the middle. The image looks like a set of equally proportioned flowers. The design is not only beautiful; but it has profound symbolic meaning. It has been used for centuries as a symbol of blessing and protection. The Seed of Life symbol and its meanings is an intriguing topic to study. As an environmental enthusiast, patterns found in nature and their corresponding symbolism fascinate me because it implies that all life on Earth (and the Universe) is interconnected. In fact, for some of us, life on Earth is a divine creation. The Seed of Life and its foundation in Sacred Geometry crystalize this concept. According to Sacred Geometry, patterns in nature are viewed from a mathematical viewpoint and they have broad implications. The “sacred” part is a belief that these patterns, their mathematical formulas, and their structure are evidence of divine planning and creation. Another example of Sacred Geometry in nature is the Fibonacci Spiral.





The Egg of life:

A symbol that has been used to represent new life, rebirth and fertility. The Egg of Life is the second iteration of a process that constructs the Flower of Life. Adding six additional circles to the seed of life you are able to produce the Egg of Life. This can also be formed by the eight spheres contained within the three-dimensional Metatron’s Cube. The Egg of life is the procedure that births the Flower of Life. It comprises 13 circles embedded which reappears to depict oneness. It stands for three necessary things in people’s life; health, stability, and fertility. All humans were born via pregnancy. And after that they discover his or her health status, which at the end direct them to create the right mental and physical stability on this planet. The “Egg of Life” has been presumed to be the organizational framework for music as the spaces between the circles is similar to the gaps between full time and semitones on the musical chromatic scale. It is equally similar to the form of embryonic development at the cellular level in humans. The meiosis takes place, dividing into two cells, then subsequently to four cells and later to eight cells. As such, when this same arrangement is further processed, it forms the human body and the entire energy systems.



The Flower of Life:

The Flower of Life was known around the world in ancient times and has been found in Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, China, Israel, Germany, England, Tibet, Japan and Sweden. The typical depiction Flower of Life always stops after 19 circles, the remaining circles are hidden outside the bounds of the outer circle. In the past this image and knowledge related to the Flower of Life was so sacred that they couldn’t allow it to become common knowledge. Out of the complete Flower of Life pattern a new shape emerges; The Fruit of Life. 

The Flower of Life is said to be the actual blueprint of the universe continuing the basic design of every atomic and molecular structure, life form, etc. Essentially everything in existence. Modern science and quantum physics are confirming the cosmic significance of these ancient sacred geometric forms which represent the building blocks of our physical universe. The ancients knew about the energetic nature of our existence. Other sacred patterns such as the Egg of Life, Seed of Life and the Tree of Life also exists within the Flower of Life pattern. In the theory of Sacred Geometry, geometrical (or mathematical) patterns found in nature are evidence of intelligent design. While we can explain these patterns in scientific terms, followers of Sacred Geometry believe they are evidence of creation by a higher power.

One example of Sacred Geometry in nature is the Fibonacci Spiral. The Fibonacci Spiral is a pattern that repeats throughout nature and the greater Universe. Sunflowers, hurricanes, galaxies, nautilus seashells, and even coiled snakes, contains spirals.



Tree of life:

The Tree of Life is another popular universal symbol it represents numerous systems across varying cultures and religions. Like all the other symbols in this list it is not identified by a single culture and it has been used around the world for centuries. So, what does the Tree of Life represent? A connection to everything including the things we cannot see or the void beyond. It reminds you that you are not alone in the Universe but rather part of a vast interconnected network. 

The Tree of Life provides a hierarchical structure for all of the forces in the Universe. It can also be used as a road map of one’s soul. The 10 spheres are called the “Sephiroth” translating to emanation. These are connected by different paths. The first Sephira on the Tree of Life is at the top. It represents cosmic consciousness. The Sephira at the base represents the material world. The rest of these Sephiroth represent different qualities of the Soul. These can be divided into three pillars; the Pillar of Severity, The pillar of Mildness and the Pillar of Mercy. The tree has always been a symbol of life, renewal, and energy. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that many different religions and even branches of science have used this mystic symbol to represent beliefs and ideals. There are many records throughout history that show that the Tree of Life was used in many different parts of the world, during many different periods in time. In Ancient Egypt, for instance, it is said that the first couple (Isis and Osiris) emerged from an Acacia tree (the Tree of Life). The Tree of Life for Assyrians, on the other hand, was a symbol with crisscrossing lines and nodes.

In the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life has various meanings and symbolism. It is used to show the path to God or HaShem. It is also a representation of how God created the world out of nothingness. It can be said, therefore, that the Tree of Life is some sort of map of creation. The ten circles of the Tree of Life are symbols for the ten Sefirot or spiritual centers, while the lines connecting these circles represent the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. When put together to form this powerful symbol, the Tree of Life represents the path one should take to connect to God or to find the union of the divine and the physical self.


The Fruit of Life:

The 13 spheres represent an extremely powerful sacred geometric pattern known as the Fruit of Life, considered the Holy of Holies of Sacred Geometry because it's hidden within the ancient and well-known Flower of Life pattern. The fruit of life is composed of 13 spheres; this is actually the 2d representation of a 3d structure, thirteen represents unity and transition between worlds / dimensions. Those of you who play an instrument know the chromatic scale of 12 notes the thirteenth note is actually repeating the first note but on a higher frequency; when you attain a higher octave, you enter a higher dimension. If we connect all the Centers of the 13 circles the result is 78 lines which create a structure known as Metatron's Cube. This structure contains all five platonic solids, these three-dimensional figures and their different combinations reveal every possible geometric law forming the physical reality we are experiencing. The spheres of the Fruit of Life represent the female movements or elements of creation and provide the field for the 78 ray like male movements of creation. The geometry of Metatron's Cube is set to underlie what modern physics calls the quantum vacuum or void and is fundamental to the creation process at the quantum level. What we're talking about here is what's been called zero-point, life force or bio force energy. The crux is the central piece, integrating “one,” the sun stands as the Sustainer of Life, suspending the Seeds of 

Life that stands for the Six planners in the solar system.

With the Flower of life representing the twelve parts of the Zodiac. It is these composite parts that stand for the cosmic sense that birthed it. The circles denote spheres in a 3-dimensional form. It is the feminine dynamism or the basis of creation. This offers the grounds for “Metatron’s Cube that hosts the Platonic Solids. They are made from the lines that stand for the 78 arrays of a masculine pattern of creation. This arrangement underscore what contemporary physics tags the Quantum Vacuum or Emptiness. And is basic to the development process at the quantum stage. It respects the ordered pattern of creation and the rewards of our labor. Most accounts and prognostications have been borne out of the cosmic relationship between the Sun, Moon and the Earth. The invention of calendar and time is a priceless gift to humanity. 

More practically, the message in it is that of organizing and preparing oneself. It is essential to be conscious of one’s surrounding and discover what must move to aid one go forward. It teaches us to share our aspirations with those that can assist in making it a reality. This pattern is very important to humans because of the potential benefits it presents. It encourages us to keep aspiring and pursuing our goals. While aligning our thoughts with those that can help us achieve them.



Metatron’s Cube:

One of the most fascinating aspects of sacred geometry is the symbol known as Metatron’s Cube. So, who is Metatron? If you investigate, Metatron was an archangel who was mentioned in Islamic, Judaic and Christian medieval mythologies. He was considered to be the scribe of God; this would make him the equivalent of the ancient Egyptian scribes of the gods known as Thoth. According to legend a scribe of God would understand the basic principles of creation which are almost always associated with sacred geometry. Many times, the Archangel Metatron is pictured with or holding a cube.  The graphic known as Metatron’s Cube didn’t show up until later when a Medieval Italian Mathematician Leonardo Pisano, discovered Metatron’s Cube. He read the history and legends of Metatron and was also familiar with sacred geometry and was probably an initiate in one of the schools that held those secrets. 

Metatron’s Cube traces back to nature's first pattern, and the 13 circles that are found inside the fourth circle in Nature’s first pattern. When you connect the centers of all the 13 circles, you get the shape known as Metatron’s Cube. Leonardo Pisano also discovered that you could create all 5 of the platonic solids within Metatron’s Cube. Metatron’s Cube is a transcendental form and beautifully illustrates the mental universe through the unfolding of 2-dimensional realities into 3 dimensional realities The Hermetic axiom reads “all is mind, the universe is mental” and Metatron’s Cube is teaching us about this conceptual mental nature of the universe and the current experiments in quantum physics are also teaching us this exact same thing. Without first being a conceptual equivalent in consciousness nothing could exist. Sacred geometry is the creator’s conceptual architecture on which all things precipitate. 

·         A mystical 3-dimension cube used by the Archangel Metatron to watch over the flow of energy connecting earth and the divine contains all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying patterns of our universe  spins with energy to help you replace negative thoughts with positive ones  reminds us that the universe wants us to discover our personal power and use it to do good Metatron's cube contains every shape that exists in the universe God has created, and those shapes are the building blocks of all physical matter. They are known as Platonic solids because the philosopher Plato linked them to the spirit world of heaven and the physical elements on Earth. Those three-dimensional shapes appear throughout creation, in all everything from crystals to human DNA. People can derive inspiration from Metatron's cube in sacred geometry and also use it for personal transformation.



The Grid of Life:

The star tetrahedron is the basis of the 64 grid tetrahedron also known as the Grid of Life. This is the masculine equivalent to the Flower of Life pattern. As the name suggests, this shape is made up of 64 tetrahedrons. Which is one of the platonic solids. When the 64-tetrahedron is overlaid on the flower of life this represents a powerful concept; the spheres represent space and the lines represent where space and time come together. 

One of the most fascinating aspects of the 64 tetrahedron is the number 64 itself and how it appears throughout the natural world. 

Here are a few examples: 

  • There are 64 codons in human DNA
  • 64 is the number of cells we have before the cells start to bifurcate (differentiate) after conception.
  • 64 is the fundamental number in computer memory and bits of code
  • 64 is encoded in the Tetragrammaton within the Hebrew Bible, which is the four letter theonym YHWH that means God in Hebrew.
  • 64 is the number of generations from Adam until Jesus 
  • 64 manifestations of Lord Shiva in Hinduism
  • 64 squares in chess and checker boards
  • 64 hexagrams in the I Ching
  • 64 tantras which is a form of Hinduism
  • 64 is the maximum number of strokes in any Chinese character

This metaphysical symbol can produce many trees of life which radiate inward, this is why the 64 tetrahedron is symbolic of linking up one’s individual paths in harmony with our soul family. It is said that connecting with your soul / star family will amplify each individual's energy to accomplish and manifest one's goals. A true symbol of the mastermind principle of harmony with among a group of individuals. 


Vector Equilibrium 1:

The Greeks were fascinated with regular forms whose faces were all the same, such as the cube. However, they failed to understand the delicate balancing act the cuboctahedron symbolizes. The Greeks never really comprehended the energetic properties of Vector Equilibrium, i.e., dynamic stability. They had a static, non-relativistic view of natural philosophy. Plato, Archimedes, and the Pythagoreans based much of their philosophical speculation around the nature of geometrical forms suggesting that mathematics and structural forms had substantial validity. 

Throughout the centuries, various geometrical forms have been revered as expressions or metaphors of higher spiritual truths. These sacred forms and symbols are a natural part of the collective consciousness which emerges in every generation. We project them outwardly from within our psyche because they are so fundamental to our existence. This geometry lies within us all, it is part of the surrealistic quantum realm. The void state, or primal matrix, is "cosmic zero," and proportionately our most fundamental reality. The notion of the eternal nature of sacred geometry is echoed in modern quantum theory.  The central concept in Quantum Field Theory is that of the matrix:

All matter is not separate from its surrounding space. The matrix can take the form of quanta or particles. This quantum field is our fundamental physical entity and reality. In R. Buckminster Fuller's geometrical tour de force, SYNERGETICS I & II. He demonstrates, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, because of the relativity of forces. The so-called "cosmic zero" was modeled by geometer/philosopher Fuller in the figure he called Vector Equilibrium. It might actually claim to be the first "Buckyball," the one Fuller himself described. Fuller asserted that, "zero pulsation in the Vector Equilibrium is the nearest approach we will ever know to eternity and god."

The Vector Equilibrium center is primal "emptiness." It is a mathematical anomaly where the normal laws of the space & time continuum break down. It is not a symbol of ultimate order. It looks like a very rational, orderly system, but it is ultimately irrational. It defies logic. Vector Equilibrium is the breeder of wave-particle duality and has the uncertainty principle, of non-locality at the quantum level. According to Fuller, it is a zone of neutral resonance where waves can pass through waves without interference. Yet, it never physically exists as a structure because nature abhors a vacuum. Vector Equilibrium emanates/condenses from a center in twelve fundamental directions. This emergent energy moves outward through space & time in the form of a cuboctahedron, alternating with its mathematical reciprocal, an octahedron-within-a-cube. It is a truncated cube with 50 symmetrically positioned topological features. Vector Equilibrium has the same surface area as a sphere, yet contains no volume, i.e., it contains "nothing."

The Vector Equilibrium system has 12 vertices, 8 triangular faces, 24 edges, and 32 planes. It is an omnidirectional equilibrium symbolically and physically speaking. Thus, it is a perfect symbol for "holding the tension of the opposites," or "uniting the opposites." Yet, it is more than a metaphor. It is an archetypal image which connects the matrix with the universe or the universe with the matrix.

In the Vector Equilibrium figure, equilibrium between positive and negative is zero. It is the equalization of the forces of push/pull, radiation/gravitation, or tension/compression. Fuller stated it "represents the limits of the mind's ability to conceptualize 'in'." For Fuller, all of space & time is intertwined with a pre-geometric matrix, which is the infinite field of vector equilibria. An entire universe can be seeded from one Vector Equilibrium, self-generating to fill all space & time. According to Fuller, there may be no ultimate physical building-block of matter, but there is one single entity that intertwines and composes everything in the universe, Vector Equilibrium.



Vector Equilibrium 2:

The underlying structure of the torus is the Vector Equilibrium, or “VE”. It is the blueprint by which nature forms energy into matter. Buckminster Fuller, one of the 20th Century’s most prolific inventors, coined the term Vector Equilibrium. He named it this because the “VE” is the only geometric form where all forces are equal and balanced. The energy lines (vectors) are of equal length and strength. They represent the energy of attraction and repulsion, like you can feel with a magnet. You can’t actually observe the “VE” in the material world because it is the geometry of absolute balance. What we experience on Earth is always expanding toward and contracting away from absolute equilibrium. Like a wave arising from the surface of a tranquil sea, a material form is born (unfolds) from the plenum (fullness) of energy (ironically referred to by physicists as “the vacuum!”) and dies (enfolds) back into it.

The VE is like the imaginable – yet invisible – mother of all the shapes and symmetries we see in the world. The evolutionary man has been searching for answers to the deepest questions to how the cosmos exists and functions; fundamental patterns repeat themselves and how energy works in the universe. This pattern at its most basic level is called a "Torus", which resembles an apple and a red cell format. The underlying structure is the torus Vector Equilibrium (VE), and is therefore considered the primary geometric structure in the cosmos, and synonymous with absolute balance. The lines of the vortex torus can be decoded from the rotation of a sign ancestor known today as Seed of Life. From it one can extract the basic geometric shapes, proportions VE, the Flower of Life and all its unfolding geometric complex levels.

In the ancient world, this concept and wisdom was known, studied and explored by many people, Left Ventricular (LV) of the VE is carved in stone on Mount Qingcheng, one of the four sacred mountains of China, considered the birthplace of the most important Taoism, its history dating back at least 2300 years ago. In the east there is a relationship of Vector Equilibrium with traditional medicine, to map the system of energy meridians of the human body that are used for acupuncture. With its proportions and diagonal lines, all symmetric, it is possible to construct the tree of life, based on the study of Jewish Kaballah. To the Egyptians the Vector Equilibrium (VE) was regarded as the mother of all symmetric geometry – the invisible fabric of space. There are even those who say that the three pyramids are an offshoot of this geometry, a fact entirely possible, since with Extraordinary Voight (EV) geometry it is possible to make proportional replicas of various pyramids where the top of the pyramid is the point in the center point of the Left Ventricular (LV) geometry.

 The Greek philosopher, Plato studied the fundamental pattern of the universe in a deep way, inherited part of the knowledge from the Egyptians and other ancient cultures. He founded the 5 basic constituent units of the material universe we know, which are the famous 5 Platonic solids – tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. From the truncation of the 5 Platonic solids, we get 13 solids of Archimedes. In basic Euclidean geometry the Vector Equilibrium (VE) is called cuboctahedron and is one of the solids of Archimedes, which was also studied and explored by the mathematician, inventor and Greek philosopher. In the Middle Ages much of the knowledge of the Greek philosophers was lost, including the knowledge about the solid Archimedes, which were recovered gradually only in the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci studied and explored the Flower of Life. His drawings depict various components of the model and the geometries found within it. Dr. Derald Langham was an American geneticist farmer and researcher of the mid-twentieth century who noted the importance of geometry which he called Genesa Crystal, the spherical shape of the Vector Equilibrium (VE), and realized that plants are best developed near these structures made of strips of copper or brass. At the time, although the results were discredited and his research had little impact and were eventually suppressed. Today modern quantum physics has proven that the Vector Equilibrium (VE) form with an underlying unified field structure, resonates with it and ends up creating a bubble of coherence and harmony, which reduces the stress of the environment and optimizes the development beings, including plants.


The Torus:

The shape known as a 'Torus’ is a type of vortex. So, what is a torus? The word “torus” comes from the Latin word meaning swelling. In sacred geometry it is the first shape to emerge from the Genesis Pattern. The torus is found in everything from atoms, to life forms and even in all cosmic bodies such as stars and galaxies. It is a primary shape in existence. For many years ‘seers’ have taught that the human aura appears as a series of nested torus formations around the body. Energy flows through the center of the body and loops around to connect the feet and head. The flow from the feet to the head is bi-directional. The energy is flowing through the surface of the torus and inside an in a spiraling pattern, this is why the sacred geometry shape is shown with curves lines throughout the middle, while also adding the illusion of a 3d perspective to the 2d depiction. 

The Torus is a 2d depiction of a 3-dimensional shape, like many other sacred geometry forms. The 3d shape is known as a horn torus. The image of the Torus explains how something starts as a descent from spirit, or an ascent from matter, through a central channel or tube of light/energy/consciousness. The energy of the object can only go so far in one direction before it doubles back on itself, returning to its source, gaining energy, going forward again, achieving a certain height or depth, before needing to return again to gather more from source.

This is a process that occurs in all objects in existence, eventually. An object can go only so far in its ascent/descent before the opposite polarity pulls it back to itself. When our human existence is functioning correctly, and we are cycling energy in a toroidal fashion, we are in balance, and are satisfied with our actions (although we may be aspiring to achieve something, we are content with the process we are undertaking). When a person or situation is not in harmony with universal energy – such as a sociopath like Hitler – then eventually the energy stops flowing, and the situation becomes “stuck” and unhealthy – there is no movement going on. Eventually the universe corrects itself. It might not occur in a person’s current lifetime, but the situation will re-appear in a future lifetime and they will have to work through the situation until they have resolved how to behave in a balanced, compassionate, detached manner in which both spirit and matter are in harmony.


The Merkabah Star:

The Merkabah symbol translates to light, spirit, body. The symbol consists of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that rotate in opposite directions, this creates an energy field that is commonly referred to as a light body. Merkabah mysticism is an early school of Judaism, practiced between 100 BCE - 1000 CE. The teachings were based on visions found in the Book of Ezekiel and hekhalot literature. These stories speak of ascents into the heavens and to the Throne of God. Everyone has access to their own personal Merkabah or vehicle of light with practice in meditation. It is said that once one has access to their Merkabah it can provide a powerful protection and transport your consciousness to higher dimensions. The Merkavah symbol can remind us of the potential power we hold when we unite our bodies energy to Source.

 This symbol combines opposing energies in perfect harmony and has allegedly been used by ascended masters to connect to higher realms.  In modern esoteric teachings, the Merkabah is considered an interdimensional vehicle. It is also known as a star tetrahedron and can be imagined as a 3-dimensional Star of David. The word Merkabah comes from a Hebrew word which means "chariot", & when broken down phonetically means "light, body, spirit" from an ancient Egyptian translation. If you consider both meanings, it essentially refers to a way of connecting with light, body, and spirit through the means of this 'vehicle' or symbol. As opposed to some of the other symbols we have explored, such as the Sri Yantra symbol, this one is more rooted in Jewish and Christian tradition.

 If we consider some similar concepts and symbols from Christianity, the three elements of the word can be likened to the three aspects of the holy trinity. If you'd like to visualize this symbol in concrete mathematical terms, the Merkabah is a three-dimensional symbol which is made up of two triangles that face opposite directions and connect or overlap at the center. The bottom triangle represents femininity and rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, and the top relates to masculinity and rotates in a clockwise direction, all simultaneously. The design looks like a six-pointed star when looked at from a two-dimensional perspective. So, what is the Merkabah and what does it entail? To explain this, it's helpful to note that this symbol or concept has roots that are evident in ancient scripts like the Bible and seems to have been inspired by visions and experiences that biblical figures like Ezekiel had of connecting with celestial beings (which is talked about in the Book of Ezekiel, and other sacred Jewish texts).

 From a Chassidic Jewish perspective, the Merkabah is more about having a multi-layered approach to the nature of man, the world and the ecosystem, and sees this symbol as a means to contemplating a way to become better as people. Interestingly, the Merkabah symbol also closely resembles another symbol in Jewish religious tradition, the Star of David. Even if the religious aspect doesn’t necessarily resonate with everyone reading this, this symbol can be used in meditation to access higher realms of consciousness and to create a protective forcefield around oneself. One recommendation is to visualize this shape surrounding you while you are meditating, which can take some practice but is said to be able to raise your vibration. With the balance of the spinning triangles, the energetic force field that is created is very powerful, and can help you gain valuable spiritual insights and even travel interdimensionally. 

In addition to connecting with higher realms, the use of this symbol, when combined with meditation and breathing techniques, can also help you to access your personal power. While spinning in different directions, the two three-dimensional triangles make up a Merkabah star that is simultaneously pulling power up from the earth (feminine) and drawing energy down from the heavens (masculine). This combination of forces is said to bring about balance through the energy field that it creates. If we think about the energetic power of an actual star in the universe, this becomes an even more inspiring symbol. 

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